What’s Next!

Good morning mystic world!

In addition to updating everyone on facebook and other social media outlets, I’ll be posting a blog every now and then to update everyone on new happenings with the first book, and where I am on the next book and series.

First off, you all have been awesome with EBook and pre-sale paperback. You have no idea how much it means to hear your feedback. Your support is so much appreciated!

Okay, on to the book. For those who have followed me on other platforms, you already know the series outline was already complete before I published MoF. I haven’t really changed the direction of the series much since publishing the first book. I’m still planning on four books in the series, although I could probably write a dozen with all the characters and sub-plots.

For the next month, my focus is polishing up the outside for book two. If all goes well, should be starting the chapter outline the first part of May.

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Thanks guys!